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Portable Storage Tampa! The Better, Less Expensive Way to Move!

With Flexible Options, Moving & Storage
Doesn’t Get Easier Or More Affordable Than This!

In the Tampa Area, We Are “The Better, Less Expensive Way To Move Your Furnishings, Store Your Possessions and Discard Your Unwanted Junk & Debris!”

What Makes Us The Best Portable Moving And Storage Company In Tampa!

The Moving and Storage Container Company is the only portable moving & storage service to offer affordable daily and weekly rental options. This flexibility allows you to have a convenient moving & storage experience that is personally customized to meet your exact challenges. Basically We Rent Containers!

Key Features:

  • Never worry about your concrete, brick or stone driveway! Our 100% driveway safe Personal Moving & Storage Units also fit in the tightest of locations. Our units are about the size of a large SUV and take a single parking space.
  • For a competitive price, our service allows you to avoid rental moving trucks that are unsafe to pack using unstable ramps and can be tricky to drive, especially in neighborhoods. They often require you to pay hidden fees for insurance & fuel and are generally inconvenient when moving.
  • At The Moving and Storage Container Company, our professionally trained and licensed drivers navigate the narrowest streets adding a level of safety to you, your community, furnishings and yourself that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Minimal effort is required to pack your belongings in our Personal Moving & Storage Units.
    There is just a short step up to safely load your belongings in the unit. This makes the moving process easy, efficient and great for all ages.
  • Our top-of-the-line Personal Moving & Storage Units are water tight, bug proof. With the standard 16’ and large 20’ units being equipped with convenient double barn doors on each end for easy access to all of your furnishings.
  • We haul the heavy loads! With a capacity of more than double that of our competitors, our all steel constructed Moving & Storage Units are designed to withstand just about anything your project requires.

Residential And Commerical Moving & Storage

Moving yourself or your family across town or across the state? We offer affordable moving containers with flexible daily, weekly and monthly rental options. Maybe you would like to take a little extra time to pack your furnishings or spend a little extra time getting your possessions organized at your new home, whatever the reason, we the customize the duration of your container rental so you have it for exactly as long as you require. Sometimes you are forced out at your current address but have no immediate place to go. Don’t worry, we also offer the option of storing your packed container at our gated and secure facility. Here we keep everything under lock and key with cameras watching all the time.

Construction & Commercial Storage

With The Moving & Storage Container Company commercial and residential construction projects just became easier and more affordable than ever. By offering both container and dump trailer rentals our contractor clients can now spend less time on the phone calling different vendors and more time completing the project. As an industry professional we offer unmatched rental rates and terms on storage container rentals, dump trailer rentals or, both. This savings allows contractors to aggressively bid and win more jobs especially where the budget is tight.

We understand the hassle of a congested stock room. Retail managers are often faced with a reset of their store that leads to excess inventory or supplies making for a cluttered and often dangerous back room. The Moving & Storage Container Company offers attractive retailer rates for onsite storage for your fixtures or overstock freeing up valuable warehouse space.

Please contact us for more information on the benefits of becoming a construction professional or retail storage client.


Dump Trailers For All Your Needs

Many HOAs and some municipalities now limit the amount of refuse left for curbside collection. When it comes time to clean out your home, office, estate or yard our dump trailer rentals are amongst the most convenient and affordable in the area. Our rentals are a great addition to your moving & storage container rental allowing you to quickly and efficiently sort your furnishings at even a more affordable rate.

You fill it — we haul it! Our trailers are great for any construction or remodeling project. Anytime you have an estate cleanout, demolition, yard waste or other debris that needs hauled or recycled, we should be your 1st call.

Our 6 yard mini dumper is designed for small loads like a bathroom remodel and ultra heavy loads like soil, rock, brick, roofing, flooring and concrete. Our most popular size is our 15 yard medium dumper which is good for general junk removal, removing that old fence, and perfect for your kitchen makeover.

See How Much You Can Save!

At The Moving & Storage Container Company – Size Matters

Having the best quality containers and dump trailers is important but its also important to have the size that’s right for your job. All containers and dump trailers are 100% driveway safe and fit in a typical parking space. Which size is right for your move or project?


Our Mini Container – Holds about 1-2 rooms of furnishings (8’ wide x 12’ long x 8’ high)

Double doors on 1 end. Perfect for moving a studio through 1 bedroom condo or apartment. Great for small remodel projects like a bathroom of small kitchen.

Our standard 16’ – Holds about 3-4 rooms of furnishings (8’ wide x 16’ long x 8’ high)

Double doors on both ends. An excellent choice for moving the contents of a small home or anytime you need to clear floorspace in your small retail back room, warehouse or garage.

Our Large Container – Holds about 4-5 rooms of furnishings (8’ wide x 19.5’ long x 8’ high)

Double doors on both ends. The largest moving & storage container in its class. This beast moves the possessions of the most prolific collector. Capable of holding a whopping 8000lbs.

Dump Trailers:

Our 6-yard dump trailer is the right choice for discarding small amounts of broken furniture and other miscellaneous junk and construction debris. Capable of holding an impressive 5 tons, this unit is best for compact and heavy loads like tile, brick, concrete, shingles and more. This trailer has short sidewalls for easy loading with your bobcat and fully opening double rear doors to hand load the junk to be discarded.

Our 15-yard dumper has all the room to hold all the broken furniture a house can have. High sidewalls and fully opening double rear doors makes this dump trailer the right choice for bulky and heavy waste, loads up to a maximum of 10,000lbs.

1-yard is 3’ x 3’ x 3’ or about the size of a typical residential clothes dryer.


Supplies & Equipment

From packing paper to dollies, padlocks to moving blankets, we offer everything you need to protect what you pack—and, we deliver it right to your door. Our eco-friendly and returnable packing totes are cheaper, more durable and offer more protection than regular cardboard boxes.

Flexible Options

The Moving and Storage Container Company understands that personal moving and storage is unique to each situation. That’s why we’ve taken the innovative approach of allowing our customers to secure the right equipment, at the right price, for exactly as long as they need it to complete their project, whatever that project might be.

Plan don’t stress.

The number one thing to keep in mind is:
We are here to help!  Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have:

Moving Help

We also have available, for a fee, licensed, insured, and experienced helpers to pack, load, unload and unpack our containers for customers. These helpers can be hired to do some of the heavy lifting or move it all, as much or as little as the client needs. They are hired by the quarter hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Moving boxes tamapa

Customer Reviews

First off, theses folks are amazing. I was running late, and they helped my son unload without me. A true friend if you ask me. Most professional people I’ve met in some time. They seem to actually care about their business, and most importantly, their customers.

Damian Moscetti

They are great people to work with!!! I highly recommend them if you are moving. They go out of their way to make sure you are well taken care of.

Scott Harrell

I highly recommend anyone that is moving to use this company because of the great customer service, punctuality and professionalism of this awesome company. It has been an incredible experience that caused me to have a ton less stress.

Michelle Alcorns