High Quality Moving & Storage Containers

The Moving Box Company uses only the highest quality personal moving and storage containers available to ensure the safety and security of the contents of your home or business

All of our personal moving and storage containers are 100% driveway safe! We go the extra mile to protect your concrete, brick or stone pavers, and our containers never come in direct contact with your driveway.

It is available in 3 sizes..
12’ 1-3 rooms, 16’ 3-4 rooms, and 20’ 4-5 rooms

Easy loading:

Our containers sit on your driveway, so there is just a short step to put your belongings in the container. There are no long ramps to haul your possessions up like a moving truck.

Our Moving Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Moving can be predictable, or it sometimes comes as an unforeseen circumstance without previous knowledge at a very unlikely time. Whether you are prepared for your moving process, or it came as a surprise, you can always get help from professionals at The Moving Box Company. We offer moving and storage services in Tampa, FL, that can make your transition less rigorous.

Our moving services work for all household or office properties, residential or commercial. You can always rely on us for a storage facility in Tampa, Fl. Hence, if you are about to move and need a temporary storage container to keep and protect your properties, you can request a free online quote from us.

Why Choose Our Moving Services in Tampa Bay?

Easy and Hassle-Free Moving

If you desire a stress-free packing and moving process, you can work with us 100%. Just pack it, then we haul it to your next assigned location or a self-storage facility in Tampa, Fl.

Maximum Protection of Your Properties

Our moving services also offer 100% protection of your properties with our moving containers. More so, our professionals are licensed and insured for rendering quality services. Hence your safety is assured.

Moving and Storage Units

Our Tampa Bay moving and storage unit is a crucial feature at the Moving Box Company. Our moving and storage units are available with flexible rental options at an affordable fee. More so, they are available in 3 sizes: 12′ 1-3 rooms, 16’3-4 rooms, and 20’4-5 rooms. Hence, depending on what size fits your moving criteria, you have varied options to select.

Moving Helps

At an affordable fee, we have licensed and insured help professionals to assist in the moving process. We understand how stressful packing and unpacking can be, so you can hire helpers to help out with heavy lifting, or they can take care of it all. They are hired by the quarter hour with a 2-hour minimum.
With our storage facility in Tampa, FL, your moving can be more than fun. There is no need to worry when there is a better, less expensive way to move. With our easily accessible and flexible rental options, your moving and storage requirements are settled.
Our moving and storage containers are 100% secured, bug-proof, and water-resistant, guaranteeing maximum protection.

Contact Us Today!

Contact us at The Moving Box Company for your moving process, and experience a satisfying and easier way to transition. We are the only portable moving and storage company that offers affordable rental options daily and weekly. You will enjoy a convenient, personalized move and storage experience based on your specific needs.