Key Storage Container Features: 

  • Never worry about your concrete, brick or stone driveway! Our containers are 100% driveway safe they fit in the tightest of locations. These containers are about the size of a large SUV and take up a single parking space. 
  • For a competitive price, our service allows you to avoid traditional self-storage facilities while you tackle the home remodel or other project where you temporarily need more space.  
  • At The Moving & Storage Container Company, our professionally trained and licensed drivers navigate the narrowest streets adding a level of safety to you, your community, your furnishings and yourself that is unmatched in the industry. 
  • Minimal effort is required to pack your belongings in our containers as they sit close to the ground, there is just a short step up to safely load your belongings in the container. This makes the loading process easy, efficient and great for all ages. 
  • Our top-of-the-line containers are watertight, wind and bug proof, with “D” rings to strap and secure your furnishings. With standard-16’ and large-20’ containers being equipped with convenient double barn doors on each end for easy access to all of your furnishings. Our mini-12’ has double barn doors on one end that can be placed with the doors in the direction you choose. 
  • . The all-steel construction offers peace of mind knowing your possessions are safe and securely locked while in storage at your home or place of business at our facility.   
  • We haul the heavy loads! With a capacity of more than double that of our competitors, our containers are designed to withstand just about anything your project requires. 
  • Can be combined with our dump trailer rental service for effortless sorting of what is being moved, stored or discarded. 



Q: What Is Container Storage? 


A: For the last 2+ decades container storage has become known as an affordable and convenient alternative to self-storage facilities allowing people to store their possessions close to home rather than across town. Container storage companies provides professional and experienced drivers that deliver and return your container to your door. The Moving & Container Company drivers are all commercially qualified CDL drivers and have safely been handling freight of all kinds for years.  


Q: Is Container Storage Right For Me? 


A: Storing with a container company is straightforward. Its self-storage at your fingertips. This form of do-it-yourself storage has become popular with many age groups and abilities. From the young to the young at heart, people from all walks of life are taking advantage of the affordability, convenience and safety in storing in a container versus a self-storage facility. A Moving & Storage Container Company container fits in a typical parking space and is about the size of a full-size SUV. They sit directly on your driveway allowing for only a small step up to pack your furnishings into the container. It can be packed in a few hours or take your time and pack it over the course of few days or weeks.  


Q: What are my rental options? 


A: PODS®, 1800packrat® and other local and national companies only offer 30-day rentals. The Moving & Storage Container Company always puts you, your needs and your budget 1st. Our rental terms start at just 3 days for the short storage needs. 1-week, 2-week, 3-week and 4-week rentals are available with 1 and 2 weeks being the most popular. With us you get exactly what you need for exactly as long as you need it without paying a dime more than necessary. 


Q: Will My Stuff Be Safe? 


A: Like you invest in your home furnishings, we invest in our equipment too. The Moving & Storage Container Company purchase only the highest quality containers available for the protection of your valued possessions. These containers are wind & bug proof and watertight. They are vented to allow for full air circulation and our all-steel containers are the most secure available against unwanted entry. When you’re storing offsite, to reduce the risk of damage to your furnishings in transit, we avoid tilting your container during the loading and unloading process. We use a system that level loads each container onto our specially designed trailer avoiding unnecessary tilting that can cause your items to shift. 


Q: What is the difference between onsite and offsite container storage? 


A: Onsite is exactly what it sounds like, we leave the container at your address, and you store your belongings your driveway where everything is close at hand. Offsite means you store your belongings at a different address or location. Many times, we are asked to store loaded containers at our secure facility for safekeeping, which is something we do offer. Before deciding which option is right for you, please know, many municipalities allow onsite storage for up 30 days while others allow you to keep the container indefinitely. Always check with your local city or county department agency for specific regulations concerning onsite storage in your neighborhood. 


Q: What if I need help loading/unloading my container? 


A: The Moving & Storage Container Company often refers clients to a local licensed and insured moving company for assistance with getting their stuff packed safely in our containers. All the companies we refer are fully vetted by us to ensure your safety and the safety of your possessions. These companies often offer an hourly rate or sometimes offer a quote to do the entire job, the choice is totally up to you. Once an agreement is reached between yourself and a moving company, they will send out a person to lend a hand, a couple of workers to load the heavy stuff, or a team to pack up all of your belongings and load them in the container. You can do as much of the work as you want, some of the work if you would like or set back and watch them do it all, it’s all up to you. 


Q: I have some heavy items; can your equipment handle moving heavy loads? 


A: Yes! The Moving & Storage Container Company containers and equipment are all rated for contents up to 8000lbs. By comparison, PODS® restricts their containers contents weight to be a maximum of just 4200lbs. for their 16’ containers.