The Moving Box Company’s Storage Solutions

Need a Storage and Moving Company to Store Your Equipment, Products, or Supplies?

The Moving Box Company offers moving and storage services. We help residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Hillsborough County move easily and offer a temporary storage facility to store their supplies.

If you are searching for moving and storage companies near you, your search is over. We will make your moving hassle-free. We provide everything you need to pack your stuff, from packing paper to dollies and padlocks to moving blankets. Our service includes direct delivery of all supplies to your home or office. We offer eco-friendly, returnable packaging totes that provide a higher level of protection and are more cost-effective than traditional cardboard boxes. You can ask for a free online quote from us.

Why Choose Us?

Commercial Grade Storage

Quality storage units designed for commercial purposes are foremost at the Moving Box Company. Successful moving and storage depend on the containers’ durability and other salient features. Hence, we ensure the containers we supply can load your equipment.

Very Secure, Tough, and Lockable

Other moving container companies may offer storage services, but none can be as secure, tough, and lockable as our containers. First, it is safe, ensuring maximum protection of your equipment and supplies. In addition, the containers are rugged and can withstand harsh weather conditions or other external parameters.
Finally, you can easily lock the container while the moving process is ongoing or for storage.

Lots of Room for All Your Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

Our containers are far more than durable, but they are also spacious. There is a lot of space to house all your commercial equipment and tools. We understand your equipment is expensive; therefore, we offer a reliable and secure storage option to fit it all at once.

Great for Retail Storage

Do you need extra space to store your goods overflowing? Our storage containers are a good option for retail stores. Hence, if you are looking for moving companies with temporary storage units, you can quickly check our services and count on us.

Containers Are Wind, Water, and Bug-Proof.

Yes, containers are wind, water, and bug-roof; this is true for our moving and storage units. Our water-resistant storage units guarantee adequate protection from water and other liquid-damaging substances.
Furthermore, our containers are designed with the ability to withstand rain splash. Hence, come rain, come sunshine, your properties are 100% secured. In addition, you do not need to worry about bugs or insects invading your supplies because our containers are tight and bug-proof.

Ready to Move?

The Moving Box Company is committed to providing our customers with safety unrivaled in the industry, even when navigating narrow streets.

We offer Personal Moving & Storage Units that require minimal effort to pack. You will only have to climb a short step to load your belongings into your storage unit safely. All ages will benefit from this method of moving because it is simple, efficient, and convenient.

Calling The Moving Box Company will benefit you more than you can imagine. Do not hesitate to contact us for your moving needs.

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