Things To Think About When Moving

Is a Moving & Storage Container Company container move or portable storage right for you? Here are some things to ask yourself to help you decide…

Are you capable of safely packing and driving a rental truck?

Surprisingly a lot of folks have a fear of driving a bulky rental truck. They are sometimes hard to navigate in tight spaces and are often a hassle to pick up and return. They are usually not as affordable as they seem when mileage and fuel is added onto the total. Packing a truck is often tricky and using a wobbly ramp is dangerous. Our containers are professionally and safely placed in an area about the size of a typical parking spot and sit directly on your driveway or another hard surface with only a small step up to pack your possessions.

Is your move being delayed because you must be moved out of your current residence but can’t move into your new home for a matter of days or weeks? 

This is the most typical situation our customers find themselves in. Vacating home is stressful enough but being pressured into the situation of not having a place to keep your possessions while waiting for your new home to be ready is frustrating. The Moving and Storage Container Company allows you to pack everything up and it stays safely locked in our container until you are ready for it to be picked up, sent to our secure facility, or delivered to your new home. And the best part, if it is only a week or two during this transition, that is all you are billed for.

Do you have a remodel project where you need secure building materials or clear floor space of furnishings so the work can be done?  

The Moving & Storage Container Company is the best option here. Our windproof, bugproof, and watertight container protects your materials and furnishings against theft or damage.

Do you have multiple needs during your move or remodel project? 

Many HOAs and some municipalities now limit the amount of waste and debris that’s left for curbside collection. Let’s face it, not everything is going to make the move with you. Maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller home, cleaning out an estate of a friend or loved one or, have construction debris that needs to be cleared. Combining our container with our dump trailer rental service you can effortlessly sort your belongings into what you want to secure and protect or discard and get out of your way. We are the only company that offers the flexibility and convenience of one-stop affordable solutions to meet your exact needs.