Many people in major cities live in apartments, flats, and walk-ups. But did you know you can build incredible apartments out of shipping containers?

When looking for a home rental, you are looking for something more affordable than a freestanding home. You want something you can stay in for months rather than years, requiring less maintenance.

These benefits and more can be gained by renting a shipping container apartment. There is no doubt that they are worth considering when purchasing your next home or even as an investment property.

This article will provide a more detailed description of container apartments. So read on!


What is a Shipping Container Apartment?

An apartment that uses shipping containers as its construction material is known as a container apartment. However, there are several variations within that definition.

A container apartment can be a two- to three-story midrise or even a seven-story high-rise! It is common for apartments to be constructed using a single shipping container, while others have a more complex floor plan that spreads across several containers.

However, most places have a commercial building code that applies to three-story structures. Building a container apartment complex with three stories or fewer may get approval under residential regulations.

When building a container apartment, you have to consider the apartment’s purpose. Several of them are constructed with containers to reduce construction costs. Sometimes, It may also be necessary to use containers in other situations. Shipping containers are also used in some apartment complexes for aesthetic value.


Benefits of Container Apartments

It’s easy to see why shipping container apartments are such a great option, so let’s get started!

Easy to build

Most container apartments are constructed using a modular construction method, which involves at least modifying the containers off-site. Afterward, the containers are transported to the project site, where they are connected, assembled, and completed.


Containers have the potential to save an additional amount of money due to their very nature.

Shipping containers, for example, require a less expansive foundation because of their structural strength. As a result, the cost of building will be reduced. You can also save money by retaining the walls and roofs of containers.

It is also effortless to incorporate a minimalist design ethos into the design of an apartment using containers. The apartment costs will also be reduced if there are fewer things, and those things are designed to prioritize functionality over aesthetics.


The strength and durability of a shipping container are two of its fundamental advantages.

A container home, for instance, can provide a feeling of security because invaders or armed robbers are likely to have difficulty getting inside. However, with reasonable security measures in place, you can feel safer.

Furthermore, container homes are also architecturally exciting and eco-friendly.


Drawbacks of Container Apartments

Some people may need help finding container apartments as the ideal solution. Here are some drawbacks to container apartments.

Ceiling Height

The interior ceiling height of a high cube shipping container will be at most 8 feet 10 inches. Remember that any other flooring and roof insulation installed inside the container will reduce the insulation value.

Interior Width

An immediate observation of a shipping container will reveal that it is pretty narrow. Most containers have an interior width of 7 ft 8 inches, even when excluding less common options like pallet-wide and 48/53 foot containers. Despite the narrow width, it is undoubtedly livable for one or two people with a creative design.


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