Key Dump Trailer Rental Features: 


  • Never worry about your concrete, brick or stone driveway! Our dump trailers are 100% driveway safe they fit in the tightest of locations. These trailers are about the size of a large SUV and take up a single parking space. 
  • Since many HOAs and municipalities are now limiting the amount of junk & debris for curbside collection, many folks are turning to dump trailer rental companies like The Moving & Storage Container Company to dispose of unwanted or broken furniture & fixtures and construction or yard waste. 
  • At The Moving & Storage Container Company, our professionally trained and licensed drivers navigate the narrowest streets adding a level of safety to you, your community, and yourself that is unmatched in the industry. 
  • Minimal effort is required to discard your junk & debris in our dump trailers as they sit close to the ground. This makes the disposal process easy, efficient and great for all ages. 
  • Our top-of-the-line dump trailers are available in 2 sizes with our small 6-yard and large 15-yard units being equipped with convenient double barn doors. 
  • The all-steel construction offers peace of mind knowing your possessions are safe and securely locked while in transit or storage at your home or place of business at our facility.   
  • We haul the heavy loads! With a capacity of more than double that of our competitors, our dump trailers are designed to withstand just about anything your project requires. 
  • Can be combined with our moving & storage container rental service for effortless sorting of what is being moved, stored or discarded 


Q: What Is Dump Trailer rental? 


A: Dump trailer rentals are a great way of discarding any number of items that are to big or bulky to be left for curbside collection. Broken furniture, an old couch, cleaning out an estate of a friend or loved one. We offer 2 sizes our small 6-yard and large 15-yard dump trailer rentals. Our 6-yard rental includes 1.5 tons of debris and is available for either 1-3 days or 4-8 days. Fittingly our bigger 15-yard includes 2.5 tons of debris and is also rentable for 1-3 days or 4-8 days. 


Q: Is Dump Trailer Rental Right For Me? 


A: For many folks the answer is yes. Often during a move of remodel project people ask themselves if the really need or want to keep something that has little to no value or is simply in their way. Things that have no place in a new home or cannot be donated to a charity thrift store because of broken or missing pieces. Sometimes it’s better to discard something that’s not worth saving and clearing the way for a more organized and spacious home. 


Q: What Are My Rental Options? 


A: PODS®, 1800packrat® and other local and national container companies don’t even offer dump trailer rental service to their clients. Many people love calling one number and paying a single invoice when to move or store their possessions while easily sorting the stuff they want to keep and discarding what they don’t. The Moving & Storage Container Company always puts you, your needs and your budget 1st. Our rental terms start at just 3 days for your short dump trailer rental needs and 1-week for when you want to take your time. 


Q: Are There Things I Cannot Put In A Dump Trailer? 


A: Unfortunately, yes. Things that are toxic, have a warning label indicating they are hazardous to humans, animals or the environment, partially full or full paint cans containing liquid paint, solvents, florescent tubes, batteries and electronics are a few of the items we do not accept. Tires can be discarded for an additional fee. Please be sure to ask if there is something specific you must dispose of that may be questionable. 


Q: Do You Recycle Used Appliances? 


A: Yes! We are good stewards of our environment. Recyclable stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, air conditioning units and other large appliances are not discarded in landfills, instead they are brought for recycling. Before discarding appliances, please talk to your representative about special handling instructions. 


Q: Where Can I Park A Dump Trailer? 


A: Our dump trailers are generally parked near where the work is and that typically means off street in a driveway. They are licensed and insured and are generally allowed to be placed in an on-street standard parking space but before deciding which option is right for you, please know, many HOAs and municipalities allow onsite dump trailer placements for up 7 days while others allow you to keep the trailer indefinitely. Always check with your HOA, city or county department agency for specific regulations concerning onsite dump trailers in your neighborhood. 


Q: What if I need help loading my dump trailer? 


A: The Moving & Storage Container Company often refers clients to a local licensed and insured moving company for assistance with getting their stuff discarded safely in our dump trailers. All the companies we refer are fully vetted by us to ensure your safety and the safety of your possessions. These companies often offer an hourly rate or sometimes offer a quote to do the entire job, the choice is totally up to you. Once an agreement is reached between you and a moving company, they will send out a person to lend a hand, a couple of workers to load the heavy stuff, or a team to pack up all of your junk & debris. You can do as much of the work as you want, some of the work if you would like or set back and watch them do it all, it’s all up to you. 


Q: I have some heavy items; can your equipment handle dumping heavy loads? 


A: Yes! The Moving & Storage Container Company dump trailer rentals and equipment are all rated for contents up to 10,000lbs. Concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, dirt, roofing shingles, etc. are all accepted up to the weight max rated weight limit of the trailer. Over loaded trailers will not be accepted or hauled.