Moving from one location to another can be stressful and tiresome, or do you need easy storage options for the contents of your home? Let’s consider forming a plan to ensure your transition is smooth. There are many options to use when moving or storing, but you will always have to choose and settle for one, no matter how tough the decision-making is. It would be best if you chose the most convenient option to cater to your needs. At The Moving Box Company, we offer the premier Portable Moving & Storage Units in and around  Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, as well as the surrounding communities in Florida. In this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between these two container options and let you decide which company and which units will work best for you.


Portable Moving & Storage Units (PMUs & PSUs)

·One Unit – 2 Uses

Since every move is different it is important to focus on your exact needs as a consumer. For example, a typical user may need to store your furnishings during a remodel. Another obvious use is a simple point A to point B moving up the street, across town, or around the state. Because of unforeseen delays getting occupancy in your new residence is an issue, so it’s point A, wait, then move on to point B. Whatever challenges you are faced with, our professional team has seen them, handled them, and completed them. On time, every time. Unlike our national competition where you are just a number, The Moving Box Company shares your deadlines and respects your schedule for a seamless transition on your terms.


Are very secure

Our heavy-duty portable moving & storage units are tough. We went to extraordinary lengths and expenses to align ourselves with the leader in portable container manufacturing. By sourcing the better materials that go into their construction, we ensure maximum security for your valuables. These can withstand harsh climatic conditions so there is less likely to be damage caused to your goods. Nothing is 100% secure but with the highest quality units made from the highest quality steel available, no other company can match our security.

·      Spacious

With multiple sizes available, our PMUs & PSUs are the right sizes for any job. Our smallest 12’ mini units will accommodate the furnishings found in many 1-bedroom apartments. Moving up to our standard 16’ units are spacious enough to house all the valuables you typically find in a 2-3 house. Maybe you have even more items to move or store, in this case, we have the largest units in the industry available. Not even PODS® has our 20’ unit able to hold a whopping 4-5 rooms of contents. Whatever you need to pack, The Moving Box Company has the right equipment for you.

·      Watertight, wind and bug proof

Florida has some of the harshest weather in the United States of America. It experiences hurricanes and high winds and has a severe infestation of bugs, spiders, and all things that slither and crawl. When choosing the right PMUs & PSUs, you must choose one that will provide maximum protection from rain, high wind, or an infestation of bugs.

·      Easy to place in tight spaces

The Moving Box Company takes pride in being able to place our units in the tightest of spaces where the other companies simply cannot. All of our units are designed to be placed in a single parking space and no additional room is required. If you live in an apartment or an area where you share a driveway with your neighbors, be assured we will get it close to your project saving you effort.

·      Maximum protection of your goods while in transit

In addition to our high-quality units, we provide a secondary level of protection in our staff. We also employ the right people for the job. The drivers who move your goods are professional, experienced, and commercially licensed. While your possessions are in our unit and on our truck, we treat every load carefully, just like it’s our own. This helps to ensure your valuables arrive safely with as little damage as possible.

·      Easy loading

Our moving & storage units in Tampa Florida sit directly on any driveway or other solid surface. This makes it easier and safer for you to load your possessions.


Price isn’t everything but saving sure helps

·      PODS®  can be costly

The Moving Box Company does something that is unique to moving and storage, we bill you only for what you use. PODS® takes a one size fits all billing approach, billing a full 30-day billing cycle even for a few weeks or even days of rentals. However, on monthly unit rentals, The Moving Box Company is competitive with no real disadvantage. Our true advantage is our weekly rental option combined with our personal touch that lets you be in control of not only your move but also your budget.

Making the right choice

When choosing either company for moving and storage in and around Tampa, Fl, it comes down to the type of service you require, the length of time you need the service, the rental size you need to move or store what needs to be protected and the level of dedication and professionalism you want your moving partner to possess. We take the time to answer all the questions relevant to your situation forming a comprehensive plan that is designed efficiently and affordably. Don’t be just another number to a major corporation, get the affordability and personal touch of The Moving Box Company.

We hope you can now fully understand the similarities and appreciate the many vast differences we offer with our tailor-made approach and personal service.

If you are in Florida and looking for either PSUs or moving boxes, contact us today and learn more about our services.